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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  December 29, 2010 4:00am-4:30am EST

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weather woes. a new storm out west threatens mud slides while back east it could be next year before all those stranded travelers reach their destination. frightening fall. eight hurt after a ski lift collapsed in maine sent skiers plummeting to the ground. and roughing it. a royal surprise, prince william and his bride will start their married life with no servants. this is the "cbs morning news" for wednesday, december 29th, this is the "cbs morning news" for wednesday, december 29th, 2010. captioning funded by cbs good morning, everybody. good to see you this wednesday. i'm terrell brown in for betty nguyen. it is raining this morning in
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california that. is not good news for residents worried about possible new round of flooding and damage. the latest radar map shows a new super soaker moving into the los angeles area. the same area still drying out after getting up to a foot of rain last week. the rain fell hard on northern california tuesday. the storm also brought strong winds to the coastline near san francisco and more snow to the sierras. this new storm threatens to cause new mud slides in southern california. still cleaning up from the mess that was left behind after last week's heavy rains. san today hughes visited one hard-hit town near san bernardino east of los angeles. >> reporter: amber morton's home in highland, california is filled with at least three feet of mud. >> we can't salvage a lot. we can't salvage anything. >> reporter: a flood caused by last week's rain storms destroyed five homes here and damaged another 73. volunteers are racing to dig out the mud before another storm, which is expected overnight. >> the city doesn't come pick this mud up like they promised,
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it going back into the yard. >> reporter: the neighborhood was flooded when debris backed up in this storm drain. behind me a manhole cover over that storm drain exploded 50 feet in the air. water and mud poured out. today, those storm drains are being cleared. and 100,000 sandbags are being stacked to avoid a repeat of last week's disaster. >> those residents still allowed in their homes are absolutely terrified. there's still some debris that could be loosened by the rain expected the next couple of days. >> reporter: about an inch of rain is forecast. but on this saturated ground, even that amount could be dangerous. sandra hughes, cbs news, highland, california. meanwhile across the country thousands of travelers in the northeast hope for better news today. tuesday was another day of chaos thanks to the ripple effects of this week's blizzard. it could take all week to straighten out the travel mess. michelle miller reports. >> reporter: for 12 frustrating hours, passengers on this flight
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from vancouver to new york were stuck on the tarmac at kennedy airport, officials say there just wasn't any space at the gates. slowly but surely, more planes are taking off. struggling to make up for the more than 6500 flights canceled since sunday. >> i told my daughter i wouldn't leave until i saw the plane take off. >> reporter: it was another rough night for some 200 travelers at laguardia, some told they could be stuck here through the weekend. >> take it one day at a time and pretend like it's some expedition like you are going on a camping trip. >> reporter: the problem once a flight is canceled it takes 36 to 72 hours to match crews with planes again. >> they are all out of sequence. once you cancel flights, planes are grounded wherever they happen to be. >> reporter: what's the best strooj gee to get you where you are going? first know the tail number of the plane you are booked on to track its actual location. second, don't try to fix the problem online. >> have a conversation with a real human being. the internet does not think
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creatively only linearly and you will stuck at that airport if you stick to it. >> reporter: she talked with agents directly to get her and her husband back home to miami. they weren't scheduled to leave laguardia until friday. but her persist tense with the ticket agent got her on a flight out of newark airport this afternoon. >> i stood in the long line and a miracle happened and i got on. i did -- not only did not get a standed by ticket but two tickets out of newark. >> reporter: anger is boiling over here, too. one passenger on a flight to west palm beach told us security was called to a gate of frustrated passengers. he said they were angry that their flight was canceled. michelle miller, cbs news, new york. in miami's main airport tied up tuesday after a bag exploded on the tarmac after it came off a plane. police had to search every other bag on that american airlines flight from boston after that blast. officials say the luggage contained hundreds of bullet parts. one exploded setting off all the
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others. the bag's owner was arrested but the fbi says there is no connection to terrorism. inspectors will check out a ski lift in maine that broke tuesday causing eight injuries. witnesses at the sugarloaf resort said it could have been much worries if not for the blizzard. the vehicle 2i8's fall was cushioned by nearly two feet of new snow. seth doane has more. >> reporter: the serenity of the resort shattered when a chair lift suddenly derailed in high winds causing dozens to plummet 30 feet to the snowy trail below. >> i just realized, we're dropping. and then, i -- then i slammed into the ground. >> reporter: eight skiers including children, were taken to local hospitals with injuries. at the time, dozens of skiers were on the spillway east lift making their way up the 2800-foot peak. workers used a pulley-like system to lower the skiers stuck on the lift. sugarloaf authorities say the high winds may have been a contributing factor to the
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derailment but the incident is still under investigation. they insist their lifts are routinely inspected for safety. but, "witness accounts point to possible equipment failure, not the weather. >> it seemed as though the wheels bent so the wire came off and that's what caused the chairlifts to drop. >> reporter: the 35-year-old lift relies on clusters of wheels to move the chairs along a 4,000-foot cable at a speed of 500 feet per minute. skiers say one of those wheels broke, causing the cable holding up a section of 10 to 12 chairs to suddenly drop. according to sugarloaf's website, the 35-year-old spillway east chairlift was set to be the first priority in a ten-year lift replacement plan because the spillway trail is a high-traffic lift and a critical highway for skiers. it could be weeks before they know whether that modernization plan could have prevented the derailment. seth doane, cbs news, new york. along the rio grande this
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morning one small town's only police officer is missing. this is a mexican region where a drug war has taken a terrible toll on police. he was last seen thursday. a local official says she was kidnapped. she was the last cop on the beat in guadalupe a bore ter town south of the violent drug hub of juarez, mexico. a royal surprise from prince william. he plans to have no servants, no servants after he marrys kate middleton in april. a royal spokesperson says the couple already handle household chores on their own although they have body guards. william's father, prince charles, reportedly has 149 servants. i don't need 149. i'll just take one of them. works for me. the "cbs moneywatch" stocks in asia rebounded ines ferre in new york and that. ines, good morning to you. >> good morning, terrell. i'll take one or two, that would be great. asian markets edged up today. japan's nikkei added half a percent, hong kong's hang seng
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gained more than 1.5%. today, wall street gets the latest on retail sales. tuesday, stocks finished mixed after a disappointing report on consumer confidence. the dow gained 20 points, the nasdaq gave back four. more bad news for air travelers. several carriers including united, delta, and continental, are raising fares on domestic flights by $10 each waive effective immediately. they didn't offer a reason. but the industry is bracing for higher fuel prices next year. so far, southwest airlines has resisted matching the fare hike. another stumble for the housing market. home prices fell 1.3% in october, compared to the previous month. it's the first time since february that prices have fallen in all 20 cities in the survey. prices fell as fewer people bought homes and millions of foreclosed properties became available. and time warner cable customers from maine to florida could lose some of their favorite spots on the dial.
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the cable giant is in a contract dispute with the sinclair broadcast group over fees cable providers pay. if a deal isn't reached, 33 sinclair stations in 21 markets could go dark after midnight friday. and say good-bye to those one and two-cent stamps. beginning next month all new stamps will be "forever" stamps. the postal service says the move is designed to help customers cope with rising rates and it will also probably cut down on the frustration and hassle that comes along with every change in price. terrell? right now those stamps are costing 44 cents. >> yeah. i'll take a forever stamp. ines ferre in new york. thank you so much. appreciate it. just ahead on the morning news, the curse of the spider-man broadway show strikes again. plus where is a super hero when you need one. a man gets caught in front of a moving truck and it's all caught on tape. this is the "cbs morning news."
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in turkey a scary accident earlier this month a man nearly run over by a fuel truck. the driver apparently didn't see him crossing and drove through the intersection pushing the pedestrian along the way. the truck finally stopped. somehow, that man only suffered minor injuries. more trouble for the spider-man broadway musical losing a lead actress. she played a villainess and suffered a concussion in the show's first preview performance in november. mendoza is quitting the show. this all follows last monday's accident when a leading stuntman fell from a high platform injuring his back during that performance. your list of new year's resolutions might include an attempt to eat healthier f. show so, you might be a toibl start making new healthier snack foods part of that diet but make sure you read the labels carefully. don teague explains. >> reporter: in suburban dallas, renee gonzales and her daughters
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are shopping for healthy snacks. >> do you want apples, honey. >> reporter: at this market specializing in natural foods, bags of lays chips are nowhere to be seen but that could soon change. frito-lay -- is going natural, sort of. beginning in 2011, half of its products including lay's potato chips, totitos and sun chips will made with entirely natural ingredients. >> -- to really bring the right products to our consumers. >> reporter: good news for gonzales. but. >> i would compare the ingredients to see really what's in there and is it better? >> reporter: what won't be on the labels artificial flavors, preservatives and the enhancer msg. but many of their brands will still be high in fat and sodium. >> these were politbad for us. now, they're less bad for us. >> reporter: one reason companies are using more natural ingreend yens, because that's
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what consumers are asking for. according to some surveys, as many as 70% of customers want natural products. which is why major fast food chains have all rolled out health your menu items in recent years. why isn't it frommo lay going natural with all of its products? the company says it just can't make chitos or doritos without or the official flavors but in this test condition they're working on it. don teague, cbs news, dallas. coming up this wednesday morning your weather forecast n. sports a surprise in the nfl's first tuesday night game in 64 years. >> man: getting across town to a job interview is stressful enough without being late. i want guidance that takes me where i need to be, without any problems along the way. i feel the same way when i do taxes. turbotax has a unique gps feature that guides me step-by-step. and calculations are guaranteed 100% accurate, so i know it's done right. they even offer representation in case of an audit. which helps me reach my maximum refund, guaranteed.
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can i have a bite? uh huh. [ female announcer ] no preservatives, all delicious. lean cuisine. here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. 39 and sunny in new york. 71, sunny in miami. 34 and cloudy in chicago. 65 with rain in dallas. and 58 with heavy rain in los angeles. time now for a check of the national forecast. the latest satellite bike tour shows mostly clear skies in the southeastern and eastern seaboertd. a large storm is soaking up california. later today the southeast will warm up after another chilly starts. the northern plains staying frosty with 20s and 30s. the rain is continuing through the southern plains and the west coast is looking at a soggy day complete with heavy rains and snow. in sports this morning, tuesday night football eagles and vikings in philly after the big storm delayed their game
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sunday. the minnesota rookie quarterback filled in for the injured brett favre. webb ran for a touchdown and threw for 195 yards. the vikings' defense made michael vick cough up the ball here. minnesota beat the eagles 24-14. meanwhile michael vick's comeback includes a pro bowl start voted to the ncc all-star team tuesday. in college football now at the insight bowl in arizona, they ran for more than 200 yards against missouri and interception return in the fourth gave the hawkeyes the lead and held on for the win. 27-24 over missouri. in the nba the best team in the league beat the defending champions, san antonio's tony parker scored 23 points against the lakers of the spurs cruised to victory. among the best season starts in nba history. in many dwyane wade had 40 points against the knicks.
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the heat held off new york's rally for a 106-98 win. miami now the winners of 15 of their last 16 games. we'll take a quick break this wednesday morning. when we come back another look at this morning's top stories and "may the force be with you" some of the movies that made this year's cut on the national film registry. le announcer ] many people don't understand their occasional digestive upsets. gastroenterologists do. they've made align the #1 recommended probiotic. ♪ align is the product of 10 years of research... and it has something you can't get anywhere else, a patented good bacteria called bifantis. and when it's added to occasionally unbalanced digestive systems... they can become balanced again. align. great digestion through science.
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on the "cbs morning news" a look at today's weather the gusty winds in the northeast have started to subside. rain showers continue for the southern plains from texas to missouri. the west coast is getting drenched with heavy rain and buried with mountain snow. here's another look at this morning's top stories on a wednesday. a new west coast rainstorm is moving into southern california. it's still water-logged after last week's heavy rain. residents have been told to
4:21 am
watch out for possible flooding and mud slides. on the east coast, thousands of stranded travelers are still waiting to get home after this week's giant blizzard. it could take until new year's day or later to rebook all those canceled airline tickets. some of the most beloved and influential movies off our time. tuesday the library of congress announced 25 films to be included in the national film registry this year. joel brown takes a look. >> reporter: john tra volt that's disco moves can now be studied for generations to come. "saturday night fever" and "em mire strikes back". >> i am your father. >> reporter: two of the movies the library of congress chose to be preserved forever. >> well, it's not like the academy awards. these are films that are historically, culturally or artistically important and snirvest for the country. >> reporter: it chooses 25 significant films each year for
4:22 am
its national film registry. the exorcist made the list one of the most influential horror films of all time. mccabe and plz miller reinvented the western he. comedies like pink panther and "airplane" and "saturday night fever" said to have created a whole new kind of movie musical. with year's selection there are over 550 movies on the national film registry. it's more than the library of congress can store in washington so it's built a special cold storage facility in virginia, now holding over a million films. mo among this year's rare gems one of the first motion pictures ever made called "newark athlete" from 1891 and this san francisco film from 1906 shot a month before an earthquake devastated the city. >> we're trying to preserve it because it's all mostly on va impermanent perishable material. >> you must feel the force around you. >> reporter: and the library of congress is ensuring that the
4:23 am
force of these films will be with us forever. joel brown, cbs news, washington. this morning on "the early show" an interview with pop star justin bieber. this is the "cbs morning news." . sounds like you need to name your price. no gobbledy-gook? never. do i still get all the dagnabbit coverage i need? sure. we give you a quote and you can adjust your price up and down to find something that works for you. ♪ this thing is okey-mcsmokey skiddly-doo. great! i think. diggity. oh! still not sure. the "name your price" tool. only from progressive. call or click today. [ male announcer ] confused what to get? click on the robitussin relief finder. click on your symptoms. get the right relief. makes the cold aisle easy. the robitussin relief finder. it's that simple. because they have 20% more calcium per chew than viactiv
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good morning. i'm jessica doyle. andrea roane has the morning off. >> thank you for joining us. i'm mike hydeck. welcome to 9news now. tom is here for howard. he's got your weather first. good morning, tom. >> nice day yesterday. >> very nice day. >> gorgeous. >> it felt like it was almost
4:26 am
balmy. >> it felt like springtime without the wind. >> thank goodness it is gone. don't have to worry about the wind. take a look at where we are right now. 36 degrees. we're warmer than we typically are. we usually are down in the 20s. we'll probably drop a little bit but there's nothing wrong with it, adjusting the numbers. feels like 30 degrees. notice a few clouds on the crescent moon. beautiful crescent moon. high level clouds. we'll have plenty of sunshine for your day today. quick look at the numbers from around the area. 36 in leesburg. 32 in gaithersburg. baltimore, 32 and annapolis. although it is 23 in annapolis. we'll drop down before we start a warm-up. today's high, about 45 degrees. >> we'll take it! >> yes, we will. >> timesaver traffic with richard? >> no real problems. we have some good news from the overnight period, earlier crash we had westbound route 50. anne arundel county. we're back to a light volume of
4:27 am
traffic both ways along route 50. overnight roadwork continues. montgomery county in along 270, northbound at falls road for the right lane closed there. no back-up as a result, that's a pretty good situation there. basically a light volume of traffic. beltway also 495 on the virginia side clear. both sides from braddock to i- 66. no issues or problems. next traffic report coming your way in a few minutes bat 4:31. mike and jase? >> thank you, richard. here are the stories we're following. >> travel is slowly getting back to normal in the northeast after this weekend blizzard there. we have the latest on the cleanup from new york and the eastern shores of virginia. >> news tuesday from the smp case-schiller index was not good. home prices plunged 1.3%. analysts are predicting double digit drops in home values. >> prince george's county is one of those taking a huge hit. some will be getting a tax break and higher taxes for hundreds of homeowners is going to happen as well.
4:28 am
>> reporter: home prices in a third of prince george's county have plummeted 35%. the towns affected from beltsville to laurel and bowie to brandywine. >> that's where they're going  to hit the tax base pretty hard. >> it may be good news for yvette who has lived in her 7,000 square foot bowie home for one tax year. the assessment slash means her taxes will bottom out, too. but because of maryland's complingated tax system, it may be higher taxes for hundreds of long-time homeowners because their homestead tax increases have not kept up with inflation. >> the assessments will still be subject to some increase if it didn't go low enough because the homestead cap may be still much lower than the 1/3 decrease. if so, then that homestead assessment is subject to a 1% increase for the county portion of your tax bill and a 10% increase on the state portion. >> these signs show you just how dramatic the price drop has been in this area. in 2005, a single family home
4:29 am
would cost you nearly a million dollars. now, you can get one from as low to $300,000 to the mid $500,000. >> the person had $492,000. >> galloway paid less than half that price in a short sea. >> last october of '09, there were over 60 houses for sale. what i'm going to say most of them were short sales. >> reporter: in fact, three out of four homes currently on the market are short sales or foreclosures. here is a breakup of the numbers. there are 1700 good or arm length sales and 4600 bad or foreclosure and short sales. >> we're hoping that we're going to see the bottom soon. when you have this many foreclosures still in the pipeline, it won't help the county. >> as for gallo washings she'll take the lower assessment knowing many of her neighbors won't be as lucky.


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